In this webcast you will learn about the advantages of automated publishing systems and hear one customers' success story of transitioning from an in-house managed database to BiblioLIVE.

Attendees will learn;
  • How Wayne State University Press achieved double digit growth in sales and increased employee efficiency
  • How to distribute ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3 feeds and eBooks directly out of their publishing system to various distributors
  • How to automate costing of projects using production scales engine 
  • How they can manage online schedules with automated reflowing when the pub date changes
  • How to automate production of TIP sheets and other marketing material
  • How to automate website feeds
  • How to record rights and 3rd party permissions for assets
  • How to manage and track sales of rights and permissions
  • How to manage sales from multiple distribution channels and process royalties
  • How to manage digital assets associated to a project