BiblioIntelligence - Rich, Powerful, Real-Time

Fully Integrated Enabling Deeper Analysis and Better Decision Making

Virtusales' new BiblioIntelligence is the fully integrated business intelligence module, enabling deeper analysis and better decision making based on complete, real-time data. BiblioIntelligence is accessed through a single user interface so removes the need for costly interfaces between title information and business intelligence. 

Key Benefits
  • Fully integrated in the Biblio Suite
  • Utilises existing title information held in Biblio
  • Add to existing data via spreadsheets and interfaces
  • User Defined Analysis Groups
  • Interactive Graphing Tool
  • Visualisation tools and visual analytics help users spot trends, patterns and hidden insights
  • On the fly forecasting and scenario analysis; auto-charting, slice and dice, Real Time Sales Analysis and Calculations, Compare Sales and Post-Mortems
  • Interrogate your own data with Biblio's easy to use system requiring no technical expertise
  • Powerful integrated reporting engine for further analysis

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