Advanced Title Management

Manage Your Editorial Process With Ease

The bibliographic database lies at the heart of the Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE Publishing Systems and provides a central store for all specification information relating to a project including jacket images and barcodes. The highly configurable system can also handle point-of-sale, non-book products and groupings of books, e.g. packs, e-books, DVDs and series with fast and logical navigation between titles and one click switching to and from the other modules.

Approve Copy Before It Is Distributed

Copy can be entered in draft form and configured to require approval from a user with sufficient security rights before feeding out of Biblio externally, in ONIX and to websites or distribution systems.


Create Stock Lists and Catalogues

Biblio3 enables users to group together titles and push data and images to Quark or Adobe templates. These catalogues can be produced automatically or using manual outputs depending on the level of automation required.