BiblioRoyalties: Automated Royalty Statements

Complex Royalty Calculations and Payments for Physical Books and Digital Content

Specifically designed for the publishing industry, BiblioRoyalties is capable of managing complex royalty calculations and payments for physical books and non-ISBN products now and in the future.

BiblioRoyalties supports head contracts, sub-right contracts and sub-licensees including VAT exemptions, self-billing agreements and agent commissions, and allows payment to be held or released on demand.

Biblio Royalties core functionality is capable of:
  • Supporting head contracts, subright contracts and sub-licensed subright contract deals
  • Recording payment details including VAT exemptions, self-billing agreements and agent commissions
  • Allowing payments to be held or released on demand
  • Aggregating and displaying sales data
  • Integrating royalty and payment ledgers
  • Completing unlimited royalty runs and rates on demand
  • High speed calculations using latest multiprocessor technology
  • Advanced royalty calculations and payments
  • Automatic handling of high returns
  • Daily accruals calculation
  • Full rights processing activities
  • Flexible statements
  • Fully integrated reporting engine

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