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Candlewick Press Case Study
"Biblio3's capability to support catalogue creation has saved us 12 weeks a year to produce our frontlist, backlist and gift catalogues."   David Bremster IT Director, Candlewick Press

Biblio is a fully internalised single unifying publishing system, which offered Candlewick Press a greater depth of functionality and configuration as well as a completely future-proofed system. 

Virtusales also provide free updates which ensured Candlewick were always on the latest version of software and able to benefit from consistent, future proofed developments.

The benefits were apparent to Candlewick immediately, and time previously spent piecing together catalogues and other forms of tedious administration were dramatically reduced. This allowed them to focus their resources on what really mattered: publishing the content they have built their stellar reputation on. 

Savings :
  • 12 weeks per year preparing catalogues
  • 80% less time spent updating publishing schedules
  • 80% less time spent preparing rights guides
  • 60% less time spent chasing contractual information
  • Ability to benefit from sharing titles and information between global business units
  • Brought the separate divisions and departments closer together
  • Reduced risk from offline systems
  • Improved capability to sell and market products with information readily available
  • Reduction in duplication of work between departments
  • Provided critical foundation for new publishing areas (eBooks, Audio, etc)
  • All information captured and stored centrally

Biblio Spans the Oceans Giving Global Control to Candlewick and Walker

Candlewick Press, based in Somerville Massachusetts, publishes outstanding children’s books for readers of all ages. Since they first opened their doors in 1991, they’ve received more than 1500 accolades and honours, and have been named “the fastest growing children’s publisher in the U.S.” by Publishers Weekly.

To support growth, Candlewick Press identified the requirement for a single unified publishing system that would incorporate the management of their bibliographic, production, head contracts and rights data. The company wanted to remove offline, disparate systems including Word documents and spreadsheets to improve workflow between departments and enhance decision-making capabilities through the provision of accurate and up-to-date information. Other key goals of the project included increased automation of processes in order to reduce errors and data duplication.

The solution had to be future-proof and allow Candlewick to always be on the latest version of the software. David Bremster,  IT Director at Candlewick Press comments, 

“We reviewed a number of options for achieving our goals, including re-developing existing systems and purchasing an off-the-shelf solution. Virtusales provided us with more benefits along with a much greater depth in functionality, configuration, and it was the only system that provided us with internalisation”.

Becky Hemperly, Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties explained,

“One of the main reasons for selecting Virtusales was their commitment to continually developing the software product suite. Without the Biblio3 foundation, our efforts to expand into the digital publishing arena would be considerably less efficient.”

The following Biblio3 modules were implemented; Bibliographic and Editorial Data Management, automatic catalogue and TI sheet creation, Production Scheduling, Digital Workflow, Purchase Order Management, Head Contracts, Rights and Subrights Management.

“Biblio3 has completely revolutionalised our business. We can do things now that we simply couldn't do before and the benefits have been felt right across the business."

Becky Hemperly Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties said,

"We have been working with Virtusales for over 3 years now and our relationship is very much a partnership. Virtusales is available to help and work with us. I would definitely recommend them.”

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