Time to Be Creative
Biblio3 has enabled Faber and Faber to focus on creativity and marketing activities rather than on mundane and time consuming administration tasks.

Faber and Faber are one of the most distinguished independent publishers in the UK, founded in 1925; they are notable for the publication of T. S. Eliot's poetry as well as many other important literary works.

Faber and Faber needed to improve their competitiveness and offer their clients a faster, more efficient and personalised service. Before the implementation of Biblio3, Faber and Faber operated with five disparate systems making the pre-publication process laborious and time consuming. These systems were not only difficult to use but only handled limited information, requiring an intimate knowledge of the workflow process to complete the simplest tasks.

Biblio3 created a smoother workflow, offering the same functionalities as the previous five systems, with a greater versatility and efficiency.

As a single, comprehensive and integrated program, problems with duplicated data were eradicated, resulting in accurate data being available quickly and easily.

Biblio3’s single point of source data increased Faber and Faber's productivity, reduced process delays and queries, and improved policing of data.

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