Streamlined Workflow
More creative and operational time has become available to staff because of less time and effort spent on administration and duplicating information.

Additional benefits include;
  • Reduced support and maintenance feeds
  • Increased efficiency in production, sales and marketing with information readily available
  • Average lead times have been significantly reduced.
Random House is one of the largest general book publishers. It required a single integrated system across all publishing divisions and the publishing life cycle, capable of tracking all details and commercial activities of a title, from pre-acquisition through to post publication.

The new system had to provide a secure and reliable central resource, accessible to users from across the world including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, easy automatic generation of catalogues, and pre-prepared sales and marketing tools.

In-depth investigations, a series of workshops and analysis resulted in the development of the most comprehensive and user friendly publishing system the industry had ever seen, Biblio3.

Customer enquiries are now dealt with immediately and  sales increased due to improved communication between authors, customers, distributors and agents. Average lead times were significantly reduced , along with the improved quality of pre-publication data , allowing more accurate financial modelling.

The publishing workflow became streamlined as numerous disparate systems were replaced with Biblio3.