The University of Hawaii Press select Virtusales' BiblioLIVE software


After nearly 70 years of publishing outstanding books and journals, University of Hawaii Press (UHP) has grown to the point where we require a unified workflow and title management system to function across our entire organization, that allows us to seamlessly and consistently create, edit, share, retrieve and disseminate information and assets both internally, and with our numerous regional and international publishing partners.
The Problem

To date the Press has relied on separate systems, either within departments or customized for specific functions, both to organize our workflows and to create and distribute our vital metadata. This structure has lead to inefficiencies and redundancies, for instance in the form of duplicate data entry between several systems, and with now over 7,000 ISBNs to our name, and publishing or distributing more than 200 new books annually, as well as 21 journals with 43 issues in print and digitally, the urgent need for improving our systems has become a dominant concern. Therefore, the Press has sought a solution not only for handling marketing metadata and ONIX feeds, or any other single component in isolation, but rather a system that allows us to shepherd our projects all the way from pre-acquisition through to royalty tracking.
The Solution

Virtusales' fully hosted BiblioLIVE publishing system was selected. From a single web-based integrated system, the UHP will be able to manage the following functional areas:

• Journals management
• Pre-acquisition costing, cost management, and purchase ordering
• Schedule management
• Contracts and rights management
• Automated royalty processing and integrated rights processing
• Permission sales management
• 3rd party rights management
• Editorial, bibliographic, and marketing data management
• Comprehensive reporting
• Digital Asset Management & eBook distribution
Why Virtusales' BiblioLIVE

After a lengthy and thorough review of several impressive products with proven track records, including consultations with veteran staff at many peer presses who have found different paths to success in tackling similarly daunting internal challenges, Virtusales emerged as our partner for two primary reasons: 1) The prospect of an end-to-end solution that included modules throughout the life of a project, all the way from pre-acquisition through to royalties, for both books and journals, and 2) a strong consensus at the Press that Virtusales offered the most intuitive and user-friendly interface, with extensive capabilities for customization and reporting for individual users, allowing a single system to work across the organization, yet still be flexible enough for individual needs, now and in the future.

Michael Duckworth, Director of The University of Hawaii Press, explains “A key factor in selecting Virtusales was how well our staff responded to not only the functionality, but also the design and layout of the software. We feel confident this positive perception of the system's overall usability is closely connected to Virtusales' frequent new release cycle. It means we have a system that is constantly being upgraded to stay current, which in turn will help ensure that University of Hawaii Press remains up-to-date and positioned for continued growth in an ever-changing and highly competitive publishing environment,”

Rodney Elder, VP of Operations at Virtusales, discusses “We are very excited to start this project with UHP as we really believe that they will benefit from implementing BiblioLIVE. Not all publishers are lucky enough to have everything in a single system but in 9-12 months that is exactly what UHP will have”.
About the University of Hawaii Press

From its modest beginnings in 1947, University of Hawaii Press has grown from a largely regional press to one of the most respected publishers of Asian and Pacific studies titles in the world. We publish books and journals in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and also market and distribute a range of titles from University of Hawaii departments and scholarly and educational publishers from around the world. Our international sales representation program, East-West Export Books, sells books throughout Asia and the Pacific for the Press and fifty-five North American university presses and scholarly publishers.