Comprehensive Production Management

One Size Fits All

Biblio’s Production module is designed to cater for any size of publisher from large-scale, multi-divisional, multi-publisher and multi-faceted publishers to even the smallest of publishers. The module enables better management of costs, resources, customers and suppliers starting at the original evaluation of a project by producing acquisition costings all the way through to producing the final budget P&L for the project.

Specification Management

Biblio3 holds every detail of the project specification, such as extent, dimensions and print quantity, etc., which are used in Biblio’s costings. Specification Extras hold finer detail of the specification, including less common printing and binding options, which are also used in cost calculations.


Ongoing Estimating and Cost Management

Every conceivable cost and offset income for all co-printings and individual printings is captured in Biblio and honed until signed off to ‘Final’.

Estimates begin at Pre-acquisition and are signed off at several stages with reports being run to track the profitability and allowing changes to be made to specification, price, supplier, print run and so on, to ensure that target profitability is achieved.

Costs can be apportioned across the whole project, including other editions and reprints, to support normal business accounting practice.


Title Appraisal, Acquisition Costing and Budget Forecasting

Accurate provisional costings of unit costs for new products or reprints can be created quickly and easily without the need for production or finance departments. Provisional Costings are based on the financials of an existing print record and can be saved for future analysis. 

Biblio3’s reporting engine is able to calculate an estimated profitability for an Impression or project before making an acquisition decision. This report can be run on a single title or group of titles and takes all the Impression data such as formats, reprints and subright income, calculates the profitability and enables the user to set parameters.

Appraisals can also be made by comparisons with previous or similar titles in the system or by templates as necessary. If sales history has been imported this can be used to see how previous titles have performed.


Profit and Loss Analysis

Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE provide an overview of the current Impressions (including co-printings and reprints) and details print quantity, price, unit cost, production costs, sales estimates and royalties to give a net profit figure.


Purchase Order Production

Once the user has requested that the system create purchase orders, the order is logged and then held. Multiple printings may be added to a single purchase order. These orders may then be printed or emailed and a feed of data sent to a finance system.