Integrated, Flexible and Powerful Reporting

Flexible and Easy to Configure

Biblio efficiently runs reports like no other publishing system. Installed with a range of fully integrated real-time reports to handle a publisher’s every pre-publishing requirement, from managing the production process, handling contracts, rights and royalties and undertaking sales and marketing activities. 

Users can easily customise reports, for example adding, removing or sorting columns without requiring programming support.

One of the most powerful features of the reporting tool is the ability to run interactive reports. This enables users to drill into the information displayed on the screen. For example, reviewing a production schedule in an interactive report allows a user to click directly from the report to the schedule to update a change immediately.

Outputs include a broad range of formats including Excel, Word, Access, PDF, Quark, HTML, XML and Text.

Furthermore, reports can be scheduled to run at specific times e.g., Wednesday 7am, and then be automatically emailed to a single user or a group of people.