Sophisticated Editorial and Production Scheduling

Manage Time More Efficiently

Biblio’s sophisticated scheduling module allows you to effectively define and control project schedules. It outlines the tasks and critical paths that must be followed and completed throughout the production process.

Comprehensive Schedule Management

Biblio enables users to set up their own templates or use predefined templates, which can be as complex or simple as required by the business. Schedules have critical path dates and other dates with comprehensive notes and reporting facilities. Roles can be assigned as required. Scheduling includes co-edition management and is capable of facilitating the complex requirements of children’s books.

Automatic Scheduling and Date Reflowing

Each task has a date that can be automatically scheduled based on the end publication date. Project tasks can also be automatically rescheduled should the original publication date change and subsequent date stages are recalculated, along with an alert to remind the user that the publication date will have to be amended. Schedule Previews allow hypothetical schedules based on altered date stages to be created and viewed.